About me

I am the master student of the School of Computer Science and Technology at Southwest University of Science and Technology, expected to graduate in 2021. During my master phase, I have researched the image inpainting, image segmentation, action recognization, face recognization, etc. I am familiar with the Linux system, python, PyTorch, NumPy, cv2, PIL, etc. I also used the TensorFlow, matlab, C++/C#. Currently, I am interested in Domain Generalization and Domain Adaption.

2021届西南科技大学计算机科学与技术学院的硕士研究生。硕士阶段主要研究图像修复、图像分割、动作识别、人脸识别等。熟悉Linux系统、Python、PyTorch、Numpy、 cv2、PIL等。也使用过C++ / C#、TensorFlow,matlab完成程序或项目。目前,感兴趣的研究方向为域泛化和域自适应性。